As we enter the final business quarter of 2018, both new and existing real estate agents may be wondering what actionable steps they can take to maximize their results and build their professional brand this quarter, and beyond. Positioning yourself as an industry leader can be a challenge, whether you’re just entering the industry or are a seasoned professional. 

From a professional perspective, the end of the year is a time for reflection. However, taking the time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year does not mean that it’s time to stop working towards your professional goals or paying attention to the current market. 

Take the end of the year by storm and set yourself up for a productive and successful new year by following these tips to seize the fourth quarter.

  1. Buckle In for the Next 6 Weeks

The next 6 weeks can mark the difference between thriving or struggling through the fourth and final business quarter of the year. During the final push before winter settles in, it’s vital that real estate professionals take the time to create the momentum needed to see them through the winter months. 

As the snow flies, any experienced Manitoban real estate agent can tell you that the market will begin to slow down, which is the case with any seasonal change. The winter months can present a variety of hurdles for real estate agents and potential sellers, from the difference in photo quality for listings, to difficulties organizing and completing home inspections.

Although the next few weeks will begin to show signs of a slowing market does not mean that people are not looking to buy and sell homes. With so many holiday parties and networking opportunities, it’s a great time of year to make connections with new leads, optimize your marketing strategy, and expand your reach.

Potential buyers and sellers may be hesitant to enter into the Winnipeg real estate market as the colder months approach. However, with the right training and valuable skills, you can reassure your clients and provide the guidance and expertise they need to sell their home or find the perfect piece of property for their unique needs.

2. Cultivate Meaningful Connections

As mentioned above, generating connections can help you set yourself up for success in the fourth quarter of 2018 and well into 2019. The real estate industry is constantly changing, with new buyers and sellers entering the market regularly.

Tapping into your sphere of influence can help you expand your reach and cultivate meaningful connections to serve your future business. Whether it’s setting up face to face meetings with previous clients or reaching out to older leads, providing value to others is what will keep you on the minds of potential clients. 

Marketing complimentary home evaluations, creating high-value resources such as market reports, or leading informative workshops for prospects are all ways to cultivate meaningful connections and grow your personal brand strategically.

3. Review Your Results So Far

As a real estate agent, knowing your numbers is critical to know if you’re on track to meet your 2018 goals. Take some time to sit down and ask yourself:

  • “How many sales have I closed in 2018?”

  • “Is that number close to my initial 2018 goal?”

  • “What can I do to secure more listings before the end of the year?”

Once you’ve asked yourself the hard questions, you can begin to take the actionable steps needed to succeed in the Winnipeg real estate market during the fourth quarter to meet - and exceed - your year’s goals.

4. Sow Seeds Now for a Successful Spring Harvest

Preparing your marketing and growth strategies for the spring market starts now. Whether you’re looking to move into a higher sales range or specialize within a specific buyer persona, the groundwork that you lay today will pave your way into 2019. We only see results for the seeds that we sow, and with a slowing market there’s no better time to invest in your success. 

For existing and new agents, this means investing in fourth quarter training for high-value skills that help align you with your ideal results. All Royal LePage Prime real estate agents have access to industry-leading training, information, and resources, designed to help agents increase their skill set and feel supported.

No matter where you are in your real estate career, it’s vital to know what to expect in the final quarter of 2018 and the steps you can take to thrive. If you’re interested in learning how partnering with Royal LePage Prime can help you level-up your results this quarter, get in touch with our team today.


With piles of leaves covering the streets of Winnipeg and its surrounding areas, it’s easy to tell that fall is finally here to stay. As we move into the final 3 months of 2018, many existing and potential homeowners want to know how the real estate market might fluctuate as the weather starts to cool.

Whether you’re looking to finally make the move into a larger home for your growing family or simply want to downsize into a more manageable space, it’s vital that you know the market conditions of your ideal neighbourhood. Winnipeg is an extremely diverse city, with a variety of neighbourhoods boasting market-ready homes.

Familiarize Yourself with the Hyperlocal Market

While you’re searching for your dream property or attempting to pinpoint the average selling price of homes similar to yours in your area, analyzing hyperlocal data is key. Hyperlocal data focuses on smaller, targeted real estate markets in specific geographical areas, i.e. neighbourhoods.

Overall, the real estate market may seem relatively balanced on a broad scale. However, once you begin to target and research specific areas, you quickly find that each neighbourhood’s real estate market conditions are different. Inevitably, market conditions in these hyperlocal areas change depending on a variety of factors. With the market changing at such a rapid rate, expert help from a dedicated real estate agent can provide you with the information you need to successfully navigate hyperlocal areas.

Overcoming Current Market Challenges

In Winnipeg, our climate has always posed challenges for its inhabitants to embrace and overcome. In the same way we take necessary precautions to protect ourselves from cold temperatures in the final months of the year, it’s vital that we do the same when positioning ourselves to sell our homes during the final months of 2018.

Consider the steps you take to winterize your home for the winter. Pools are closed up, air conditioning systems are turned off, and eventually, snowfall covers your meticulously landscaped yard. When the snow flies, certain systems get hidden, making it vital to include relevant holdback clauses.

According to Richards + Company, a holdback clause is a clause or set of terms added to real estate purchase contracts outlining a known problem, and how it will be addressed within a specific time frame. For example, once a pool is closed for the winter, the seller can include a holdback clause that states the pool will be inspected for any potential damage and respectfully repaired in the spring, with five thousand dollars being held back until the specified date.

These clauses are put in place to protect both buyers and sellers. From a sellers perspective, the clause helps ensure that the necessary work is done within the timeframe provided within the contract. For the buyer, they can rest assured that the problem will be addressed without having to invest any of their own money in the issue.

Protecting yourself from seasonal challenges this year with the help of a Royal LePage Prime real estate agent can help you confidently enter the new year with a new home.

Navigating Hyperlocal Markets in the Final Months of 2018

When it comes to buying and selling real estate in your hyperlocal market, two groups will inevitably face more challenges than others: those trying to buy a house in a hot market, and those attempting to sell a home in a softer market.

Buying a Home in Hot Market Conditions

You may be interested in a specific hyperlocal neighbourhood for a variety of reasons. However, the more reasons you’re keen to move into a certain area, the higher the chance that competition in the market is fierce.

Thriving or “hot” neighbourhoods are measured by their sale to list ratio (the number of listing sold this year to date) and the lowest average days on market (DOM), with some of the hottest Winnipeg neighbourhoods going into the final quarter of 2018 being:

  • Crescentwood/Rockwood: 85% sale to list ratio and 13 DOM

  • Riverview: 83% sale to list ratio and 13 DOM

  • North Kildonan: 83% sale to list ratio and 20 DOM

  • St. James/Silver Heights: 86% sale to list ratio and 18 DOM

To increase your chances of landing your dream home in a thriving market, make sure you’re considering what a seller is looking for beyond their listing price. Factors like having financing in order, being pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage, and having a substantial deposit all make the selling process easier for the seller.

Selling a Home in Softer Markets

In hyperlocal areas that are in the midst of a stagnant market, you may feel like attempting to sell your home is a risk. However, with the help of an experienced real estate agent, you can adjust your listing in accordance to your competition.

Consider the current market in your area. Where do you lie amongst the competition? The details of your home and listing can mark the differentiator between a successful selling journey and a discouraging one.

The following neighbourhoods can expect a softer market in the final months of 2018:

  • Amber Trails: 54% sale to list ratio and 24 DOM

  • Sage Creek: 41% sale to list ratio and 23 DOM

  • Headingley: 24% sale to list ratio and 24 DOM

Creating incentives for potential buyers can help draw buyers and investors in. Some examples of ideal incentives are cash rebates, providing extra purchase offers, and ensuring that your home shows, smells, and looks inviting both online and in real life.

Partnering with an honest real estate agent can help you figure out where you stand amongst the other available homes in your area and the actionable steps you can take to level-up your chances of selling your home for your listing price.

No matter whether you’re selling or buying a home in this final quarter of 2018, the Royal LePage Prime team is always ready to help you identify the right opportunities for your unique situation. To learn more about buying or selling your home with one of our experienced agents, visit us online today.


September is known for being a month of new beginnings. With the change of the seasons bringing a flash of colour and freshness to communities around Winnipeg, the Royal LePage Prime team is ready to help you fall in love with your city once again. Whether you’re buying a home, selling a piece of property, or looking to jump-start your real estate career, Royal LePage Prime is here to help guide you through a real estate market in a constant state of change.

As one of Winnipeg’s leading real estate brokerages, our ever-growing sales team is more dedicated than ever in creating a real estate buying or selling experience that our clients depend on. What is it about Royal LePage Prime that sets us apart from other Winnipeg real estate brokerages, and how has our cross-Canada brand grown our market share more than any other national real estate brand in the city?

Who We Are

Royal LePage Prime has been serving Winnipeg and the surrounding area with real estate services since 2001. For our team, it’s our people who matter most to us. Whether it’s an urgent meeting with a client or investing in top-tier tools and training for our REALTORS®, our goal is to help clients and staff achieve their real estate goals.

Navigating the modern real estate market can be challenging, no matter how involved you are with the industry. From calculating closing costs to finding best-in-class moving-related services in the city, Royal LePage Prime has cultivated a client-centric reputation that benefits both real estate buyers and sellers, and the professionals who help them through their journey in real estate.

Our Guiding Values

Our values are centered around the people that we serve. With open minds and a desire to help improve the lives of our clients and staff, our guiding values are considered in every decision we make as a real estate brokerage. These values include:

Dedicated to professionalism: At Royal LePage Prime, quality service is the base layer of all we do. This dedication to high-quality services is what attracts - and helps us keep -  high-quality professionals to serve our clients well.

Guided by our character: We understand that without innovative thinking and action, we cannot achieve the top-notch results we desire for our clients or staff. That’s why we are constantly investing in innovative technology, tools, and training for our growing staff team.

Giving back to the community: We’re passionate about what we do and passionate about helping the communities we serve are thriving. Royal LePage began The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation in 1998, a charitable organization committed to funding violence prevention programs and women’s shelters in communities around the country.

Knowledgeable Experts Serving the Winnipeg Real Estate Community

Education is a vital aspect of any significant real estate decision. Our innovative approach to real estate is what drives us forward, helping our agents continuously outsell our nearest competitors. With the right tools and training including guest speakers, hours of available online training, and our weekly Ignite meetings, our agents are able to level-up their skillset and provide best-in-class service to Royal LePage clients and investors.

As we move forward as one of Winnipeg’s largest real estate brokerages, we want to continue this trend of uniting our staff and clients with the expertise they need to make well-informed decisions. Our professional culture nurtures a supportive environment, knowledgeable guidance, and satisfied clientele.

Royal LePage Prime is the most trusted name in the Canadian real estate market for a reason. The Royal LePage motto says it all: “Helping you is what we do.”

Re-Introducing Royal LePage Prime

The Royal LePage Prime team recognizes that forward-thinking is what allows us to maintain incredible relationships with our staff and clients alike. The real estate market is continually moving forward, and successful real estate brokerages are committed to transforming with it. From growing our REALTOR® team to investing in innovative education, we are constantly improving our processes, researching the current market, and streamlining our services for the best results.

In addition to our continued commitment to real estate success, we’re proud to announce that we’ve acquired a new location for the Royal LePage Prime main business space. Located at 1305 Kenaston Blvd, this new space boasts industry leading technology and tools to help us serve our staff and clients better. Keep an eye out for more information surrounding this exciting change for the Royal LePage Prime team!

Whether you’re buying, selling, or looking to begin a new real estate career, Royal LePage Prime is ready to help you every step of the way. For more information on our best-in-class real estate services, contact us today.


Whether you’re well into your real estate career or are interested in what it takes to make a successful foray into a new career in the industry, it’s vital that you take the time to research the skills, tools, and technology needed to build your reputation and enrich your client’s buying or selling journey.

When it comes to developing a future-forward real estate career, your overall success is dependant on a combination of self-motivation and support from your team. In the world of a real estate agent, the team supporting you is often your loved ones and the real estate brokerage you’ve partnered with.

Ideally, your chosen real estate brokerage is dedicated to your client’s success just as much as you are. However, to provide your clients with best-in-class service, it’s imperative that you have access to best-in-class learning materials and supportive technology. At Royal LePage Prime, we’re committed to delivering high-quality tools and training to our agents to help them build a thriving real estate business.

We Invest In Your Success

A career in real estate is fulfilling, challenging, and constantly changing. If you’re a self-motivated professional looking for an opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and take control of your time and your finances, partnering with Royal LePage Prime can yield the results your seeking.

For us, helping you reach your full potential is our number one priority. Without best-in-class real estate agents, we wouldn’t be one of Winnipeg’s leading real estate brokerages. This dedication to helping our real estate agents find success has lead to 91.6% of our agents reporting that they are more than satisfied working at Royal LePage Prime.

We’ve developed a workplace culture that nurtures collaboration and professional development, regularly investing in innovative technologies and real estate tools to help our agents expand their expertise and fall even more in love with their career. By investing in your success, we’re able to deliver standout results, attain quality listings, and help our clients make the most out of their experience with us.

Fresh and Original Tools and Technology for Royal LePage Prime Agents

By providing quality tools and technology to our agents, we can ensure that we’re able to move with the inevitable changes that occur in the modern real estate market. Some of the latest tech and tools that we’ve introduced to our range are:

Online Training for New and Existing Agents

If you’re an agent new to Royal LePage Prime, our online training can help you streamline your processes and develop the range of skills needed for a career as a successful real estate agent. From Royal LePage Prime Sales Services Programs to taking part in internet real estate training, all of the online trainings that we invest in are known for their prestige throughout the real estate industry.

Future-Forward Marketing Tools

Between traditional communications and utilizing social media to its fullest potential, marketing your real estate business can often feel like you’re swimming in murky waters. That’s why our team at Royal LePage Prime has created a variety of accessible online marketing resources for our real estate agents.

Personalized marketing collateral helps you differentiate your services while ensuring it’s easy for your clients to reach out when they need you most. Some examples of online marketing tools available to Royal LePage Prime real estate agents include:

  • Personalized business cards

  • Traditional and social media advertisements for listings and your services

  • Marketing for agents

  • Social media campaigns

Keep in mind that marketing materials represent your professional brand, so it’s vital to maintain similar messaging and design while developing these marketing pieces.

Free Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are online pieces of software designed to help you manage your customer interactions, contact information, and even inform you when it’s time to follow-up with clients. Royal LePage Prime offers our agents with free CRM software to make sure they provide their clients with timely, organized, and secure service.

Customizable Agent Websites

In the modern era, many potential clients will research their future real estate agent online even before they try to get in touch. To make sure that you’re making a bold statement, you require a well-designed website that positions you as a knowledgeable industry leader.

Personalized agent websites from Royal LePage Prime allow you to demonstrate your affiliation with a leading real estate brokerage while customizing the listings, look, and branding of your website. The site tools are extremely user friendly, allowing you to update your real estate website on an as-needed basis.

Agent Training Designed for Success

New agents can take advantage of our comprehensive Agent Launch Training Program to equip themselves with the tools, tech, and expertise needed to quickly build a sustainable real estate business of their own.

The Agent Launch Training Program is divided into 6 modules, which are:

  1. Using the MLS

  2. The Offer to Purchase and Listing Agreements

  3. Activate Your Database

  4. Working with Buyers

  5. Working with Sellers

  6. Closing and Negotiation Skills

Level-Up Your Real Estate Business with Royal LePage Prime

With the right tools and technology from Royal LePage Prime, you can experience what your dream job should feel like. Our investment in innovative technology and tools for our real estate agents is just the beginning of the supportive services we offer our team.

If you’re ready to level-up your real estate career with a trusted real estate brokerage, learn what a day in the life of a Royal LePage real estate agent looks like and get in touch today.